Myanmar Off beaten Path
Myanmar Off beaten Path
Elephant camp Taungoo, Myanmar, Centrla Burma,

Are you adventurous and up for a hike? Take the off beaten path and decide where these little paths take you and what you want to see!



An interesting point in the capital of Kayah state located in the southern Shane State of Myanmar are the almost extinct tribe called the Padaung. This is the tribe in which the women wear bronze spiral rings around their necks as in their custom they believe that the longer the neck, the more beautiful the person is. 



Golden Triangle

Kyaingtong is a small trading town in the east of Shane state and is the capital city of the Golden Triangle region. Located up north where the air is much cooler, there are many sites to see besides the ethnic tribes in their colorful costumes. This destination is best for eco-tourism activities therefor we offer adventurous eco tours like trekking or mountain biking. 



Mt. Victoria

Mt. Victoria has been one of the most-wanted destinations on top of our  ''off beaten path list'' and this since April of 1999 (!) and we still bring our clients to the highest peak of the Chin Hills at over 3,000 meters.




Elephant Camp - Dr. Aung from Taungoo

It is almost always like a mystery box with Dr. Aung from Taungoo who happens to be the founder of the elephant camp tours because we never know which new spot he brings our clients to! They follow the working place of the elephants. A little note and fun fact: the elephants have their day off every Wednesday as it is their birthday according to Burmese zodiac :) 


Interested in going off the road from our usual tours? Let us know if you want to be a part of any of these adventures or tribes! Contact us with your travel time, budget, or any other inquiries or questions that we may assist you with.  Contact us!